Kljucko products
Kljucko fresh and frozen products

Total control of production

Fresh chicken is delivered to each customer capillary, in the morning hours. The quality of the product is guaranteed by our company where entire work is organized so that each segment in the production, from one-day chicks, production of animal feed, fattening broilers, transport, slaughter, packaging and transport of meat to customers is organized under the complete control of the company's management. Daily basis monitoring ensures that everything in the chain works flawlessly.

Superior Quality Meat

Product quality is checked in various laboratories with whom we have agreements on regular checks (CIN, faculties of agriculture, veterinary institutes).
We are in daily communication with all institutions engadged in poultry production and slaughter, all in order to achieve better quality of work and deliver superior quality chicken meat to our customers.
The production plant where borilers are slaughtered is located in Vitkovo, municipality of Aleksandrovac, Serbia and its capacity is 10.000 broilers in one shift.
In every moment we have at least 450.000 broilers or different ages in process of fattening.